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Welcome to the Charter Renewal area!

Overview for 2019 Rechartering

  • For 2019, Youth and Adult fees to collect from your members are $33 with an additional $12 for a Boys’ Life magazine subscription (optional) unless your unit received notification that your charter was being adjusted. If so, please follow the amount given in the mailed charter packet.
  • Unit Liability Insurance Fee is $40 per unit.
  • All units will need to complete 2018 rechartering by December 31, 2017. Unit charters run from January 1 - December 31.
  • To avoid rechartering issues that may cause your unit to become separated, 2018 charters need to be turned in by the 15th of December. This allows the Council Service Center time to process all renewals prior to their expiration date so the unit will not be added to the separated listing.

Internet Recharter Now Begin Charter Renewal

To begin your rechartering:

  • Locate your unit access code. These can be found on the blue label at the top of your unit's Charter Renewal packet distributed by the Council. Please contact the Council Service Center at 304-366-3940 if your unit does not have their code. Remember that each year you are a new user to the Internet Rechartering system, even if you have done Internet Rechartering in the past. You must access the Internet Rechartering System using the access codes provided each year. The access codes from prior years are not valid and will not work.
  • The supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 11 (without Compatibility View) with a minimum screen resolution of 800x600. This site requires JavaScript to be enabled for your browser. You will also need Adobe Reader to view the final version of the charter renewal application and other forms.
  • Visit the BSA Internet Rechartering website [Click to be redirected to the site]

For a step-by-step guide on how to complete rechartering, visit the Internet Rechartering presentation provided by the National Council.

Flyers and Forms in Charter Renewal Packet

  1. 2019 Recharter Letter
  2. 2019 Unit Rechartering Guide  
  3. Annual Charter Agreement  
  4. Unit Renewal Application Instructions
  5. 2018 Access Code for Internet Rechartering (located on blue label, top right of ‘Charter Renewal’ or by contacting the council)
  6. Charter Renewal (Reference only unless not completing Internet Rechartering)
  7. Membership Inventory 
  8. Unit Account Authorization Form (Authorization to use funds on account in the Scout Shop)
  9. 2018 Journey to Excellence Form - Pack - Troop - Crew  
  10. Entering Service Hours for Journey to Excellence  
  11. JTE Service Project Reporting Form 
  12. Trained Leader Positions - Pack - Troop - Crew
  13. Unit Budget Plan - Pack - Troop - Crew
  14. Guides to Unit Money-Earning Projects
  15. Order of the Arrow Unit Roster (Troops Only)

Complete Renewal Packet

Includes all documentation and forms except Unit Charter Renewal packet and access code

Pack Rechartering Packet
Troop Rechartering Packet
Crew Rechartering Packet

Additional Resources

Charter Renewal Overflow Sheet
Creating an LDS MLS Report
Adult Application
Youth Application

Charter Renewal Process

  1. Preparation: Units will receive a Unit Rechartering packet created by Mountaineer Area Council. Each unit will receive their unique access code to complete Internet Rechartering.
  2. 60 Days Before Renewal Date: The Unit Commissioner and Unit Committee conduct a membership inventory of youth and adults. Visits are made to inactive members. The charter review date is set, and all unit adults are urged to attend.
  3. 60 - 45 Days Before Renewal Date: Units choosing to renew their charters online will complete the steps through the submittal process and print the "Unit Charter Renewal Report Package."
  4. 45 Days Before Renewal Date: The Commissioner and Unit Committee Chairman conduct the Charter Renewal meeting with the unit per the standard charter renewal process. Additional changes may be made to the application. The Annual Charter Agreement and Charter Renewal with appropriate signatures, applications for new youth and adults, Yourth Protection Training documentation for adults, appropriate fees, Journey to Excellence recognition qualifications, and commitments for the coming year are all completed at this meeting. All forms and fees are then delivered to the Council Office.
  5. Following the Renewal Meeting: The Council Registrar receives the Charter Renewal application, new youth and adult applications, and appropriate fees following the Charter Renewal Meeting. If the unit has renewed its charter using the Internet, the Registrar reviews the recharter information submitted to create the new charter for the unit.
  6. 20 Days Before Renewal Date: Ensure all rechartering information has been submitted either online or at the Council office. This allows the Registrar time to review and post them to National BSA.
  7. 30 Days After Renewal Date: The Unit Commissioner makes a formal presentation of the new charter and membership certificates at an appropriate gathering of the chartered organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can a unit begin the rechartering process online?
    No more than 60 days before the charter renewal date.
  • How does the unit get its access code for Internet Rechartering?
    The Council will provide the unit access codes on the label at the top of your unit's Charter Renewal. Please contact the Council Office at 304-366-3940 if your unit does not have their code. Remember that each year you are a new user to the Internet Rechartering system, even if you have done Internet Rechartering in the past. You must access the Internet Rechartering System using the access codes provided each year. The access codes from prior years are not valid and will not work.
  • Can the access code the council gives a unit be used to see another unit’s data?
    No. The access code is unique for each BSA unit and must be used in combination with the proper unit type (pack, troop, team, crew, or ship) and number.
  • Will the council prepare a charter renewal packet for each unit as it has in the past?
    Yes, and the council may decide to include elements of the Internet Rechartering process in the packet. Other materials in the packet may be general BSA guidelines for unit charter renewal, extra forms, and a current unit roster.
  • What is the local council’s role as far as support and administration for Internet Rechartering?
    The council serves as the "help desk" for its units using Internet Rechartering. The council will administer the process by providing units with their respective access codes, monitoring unit activity, and creating reports requested by council management for staff and commissioner use.
  • What about questions concerning unit-management software (UMS)?
    The council should be able to answer questions about uploading a UMS file to start the Internet Rechartering process. If there is a problem with a UMS file, however, it is the unit’s responsibility to contact the vendor who sold and supports that product and request assistance.