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Clay Zinn
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Alex Stout
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Lodge Dues

What are the annual lodge dues?

2021 Lodge Dues are $10.00 per person for both youth and adults

What do Lodge Dues cover?

The lodge charges an annual dues to support the lodge’s programs and financial obligations. Lodge dues support the following:

  • Lodge event support to keep event costs low
  • Program supplies
  • Member recognition and awards
  • Financial and in-kind support to the Mountaineer Area Council, such as Friends of Scouting and facility improvements at Camp Mountaineer
  • National OA Membership fees

Dues must be paid to be considered a member of Menawngihella Lodge, participate in lodge programs, and receive communications. 

How do I pay lodge dues?

The easiest way to pay your annual dues is during your unit’s annual charter renewal process. Your unit will receive a roster of Arrowmen who are due to renew their membership, and the unit can collect and return the fees to the council when they turn in charter renewal documents. Otherwise, dues can be paid at the Mountaineer Area Council Service Center during regular business hours or at a lodge event.

Can I pay online?

Online dues payments are coming soon. Stay tuned for more information.

What else should I know?

An active membership in the Mountaineer Area Council is required to participate as a lodge member. In other words, you must maintain an active, paid membership in a unit, district, or council position in the Mountaineer Area Council in order to be a member of the Menawngihella Lodge.