Friends of Scouting

2024 campaign patch given to donors of $250+

2024 Campaign

2024 Friends of Scouting Campaign Progress


Learn more about Friends of Scouting, scheduling a presentation, or how you can support local Scouting programs throughout the Mountaineer Area Council by contacting 304-366-3940 or

Friends of Scouting

100% of funds raised stay here in Mountaineer Area Council!

The Friends of Scouting annual giving campaign (also known as “FOS”) is a significant source of income for the Mountaineer Area Council’s annual operations.

The campaign typically begins in December and ends in June. During the campaign, a volunteer visits pack meetings or troop courts of honor to explain the campaign and make an appeal for support. The tax-deductible pledges and donations help local Scouting throughout the Mountaineer Area Council.

But where does that money go?

A good way to visualize is by using “The Iceberg Analogy.”

Most Scouting volunteers and parents are familiar with about 20% of what the Council provides to members. There’s a whole lot more beneath the surface. Mountaineer Area Council provides volunteer and staff training, insurance coverage, support staff, camps, equipment, recognitions for leaders, administrative needs, AV supplies, a council website, scholarships, and so much more.

Thank you for the investment in Scouting by donating through Friends of Scouting!