OA Leadership

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Lodge Adviser
Clay Zinn
(304) 777-8214

Lodge Staff Adviser
Alex Stout
(304) 290-1485

Menawngihella Lodge #550 Leadership

The Order of the Arrow is a youth-run program, and the youth leadership and adult advisers make up the Menawngihella Lodge Executive Committee (LEC), which is responsible for planning and executing the annual program of the lodge. It is presided over by the lodge chief and is comprised of the youth officers, chairpersons, and their adult advisors. All arrowmen are welcome to attend LEC meetings and run for offices. Elections are held at the annual Lodge Meeting, which is typically held at the second Induction Weekend in the fall. Contact the Lodge Adviser or Lodge Chief for more information.

Executive Committee

  • Lodge Chief Will B.
  • Lodge Vice Chief Noah M.
  • Lodge Secretary Jay A.

Adult Advisers